Thu, 17 May 2018 - A PURPOSEFUL LIFEI find the word, "purposeful" so new sounding yet so ancient in it's meaning. I love to use it but find it is one of the more difficult words to just plop into a sentence.I discovered the word and it's usefulness through a dear friend, Fred. Fred is someone who I have been talking with over the years; we talk but we never sit down to do that--it's always on the fly when we do spend time talking. Like an exchange of quick thoughts and ideas that flit through the air like dandelion whirly gigs..One day after I had moved to my new residence on Hill Street in Southampton Village I did have an encounter with Fred that was quite something. He walked up behind my house to the back deck and waved at me through the window....It was late November and it was still warm; we have just had the most beautiful Indian summer here.Fred did not have to yell for me to hear him--he was right at the open window and he called out my name in his deep, full throat-ed voice. "Hey-Hey Paula" he said using the same tune as the famous 60's song...He always made me laugh with his sudden bursts into tunes long forgotten. One time he even started to sing an Aria from La Boheme' out of the clear blue--he did have a good voice, untrained as it was!Fred was walking better now since his fall from his stepladder earlier in the Fall. His bruises were gone from the side of his face and head and he didn't limp quite as severely as he had. Fred was quite the busy handy man. He helped all kinds of people here in the Village and he was always up on something and always had a hammer or wrench in his hand it seemed. I walked out onto the porch and pulled up a chair to the table and pointed to another one for him to sit down--never thinking he would--but he did!...eventually."I thought I would try to fix that lounge chair for you before you put it away in the garage for the winter--that way you can start using it as soon as Spring comes--you won't have to come looking for me if I'm still around!" He pulled at the chair as if he wanted to sit but was too busy to sit. He leaned forward, hands resting on the ladder back of the chair and I could see the fatigue in his form--his shoulders were more forward and his legs crossed one behind the other as he leaned heavily on the chair."What?" I said in a loud voice...."What is that supposed to mean? 'if I am still around'" I was taken aback because Fred was never a man to denigrate himself or to make an issue of his health or frequent accidents. He always just moved on and lived as full a life as he always had, as long as I can remember. "well, you know you never know what is ahead. I never think about what's ahead for me but now I think I need to start thinking about it because I may want to retire soon and what will I tell everybody here if I were to suddenly just disappear!"I was shocked at his comments. I never thought of him as retirement age and I don't think he is anywhere near that age but there he was sharing something with me that we had never ever mentioned before. "If you retire before me, I will take it personally" I said in a laugh.Then he did sit down and he looked at me from across the table and said in his low voice: "I have never planned on retiring. My Father never retired--he worked right up to the day he died...He was a farmer you know--a damn good one too.  Raised cattle, chickens and ducks, you know." "No I didn't" I said. "You mean you were actually raised on a working farm?" We had never discussed his early years as I said before. "Well, not really. I was away at school most of my  life" "AWAY at school?" I said in disbelief...He was still looking right at me. "Yes" he said and then he did look away--he looked as far away as I have ever seen him look. "You know when I was a boy, my Mother was very sick. She had something called Lupus and then she developed a form of cancer that no one could figure out but they treated her for many years for this form of cancer before she finally up and died."He turned back to me and said "I never really knew her because they put me in a school in Connecticut so that I wouldn't be underfoot as she fought her battles. My Dad couldn't care for me and the cattle. I did a lot of work round the farm but Dad was always upset with me because I couldn't do things as well as he could--says he always just had to do it all over after I did it---waste of time!" "So I didn't see her after I left--she died 2 years after I left and I never saw her again!" I saw his whole frame shudder a bit. It was obviously a heavy burden he still carried. His Mother  was a stranger to him and then she died...He never really knew her."What do you think she thought about you going away while she was so sick?" I asked this knowing it would not get an answer but feeling like he wanted to talk about her. He mentioned that he never knew her; twice he said that but he was surely not going to want to talk about her. Then he looked up at me and said the most surprising thing: "I never knew her and it really bothers me--somehow I think that had a lot to do with me never marrying. I only knew a woman who was so sick she had nothing to do with me. That left a mark" He said that with an emphasis and look of deep concern came over his face. "I guess I feel like I ran away from her; but I didn't run away from her, there was no place for me on the farm--with my Dad!"My heart stopped for a moment as I thought he was going to break down--his chin even quivered a bit and he swallowed hard. Then he said "You know, I was a child prodigy of sorts. I was a Choir Boy in the church and I was looked upon as the one person in the church who would amount to something someday--with my voice and all" "That's why they shipped me off to a private school so that I could use my voice for a higher purpose". He leaned back and broke into a long, low hummm...then he began to sing in his deep rich voice a piece of music I recognized from many years ago. It is called Rienzis Prayer  from a very famous Wagnerian opera "Reinzi".Fred stopped his beautiful solo of this unfinished aria (It was  an early Wagner, his 3rd opera that he never completed --the original score was burned in the fires of Dresden during that unfinished aria--a prayer to the Almighty to ease the pain of "loss".) he turned away and I knew that he had just done something that I could not comprehend the meaning of."Where did you learn to sing so beautifully?" I asked, moved beyond all other words--he had just sung something so hauntingly beautiful that I was "struck" by it---as if a bolt of lightening had just struck me. "I was a part of the Trinity Men and Boys Choir in New Haven Connecticut. I sang with them, traveled all over the world really; much time spent in UK--all over the UK. My Aunt Vivian lived in New Haven and I was sent to live with her at the age of 8. My music learning began in the little church here in Southampton Village, over near the train"..."Oh, you mean Our Lady of Poland Church, right?"...he nodded then he drifted away from me; deep in thought he nodded again as if he were seeing something from a long distance. His whole countenance changed again as he sat forward on the chair, elbows on his knees and head bowed over his clasped hands "It really was a calling you know. I could not live without my music. Don't know how much longer I can do it--I am 55 now, oh no it's 56 now---I turned 56 in September--the 19th."My mind suddenly spun out of control--September 19th??? "That's my birthday!" I said in utter surprise--"I didn't know we have the same birthday! Fred, do you know that we have known each other almost 20 years now and I never knew we have the same birthday!!" He was not as surprised as I was.He could not sit any longer and he moved toward getting up. "Here, Fred...Have some lemonade, I forgot to ask you if you wanted some". I made a gesture toward the pitcher and he shook his head no. "I want to go now. I have spent much too much time on myself here. I need to go to Fowler's to get some shrubs for the back yard--I have to make sure they go in now so that come spring they will be strong and grow to cover the house behind mine." With that he got up and took a huge step off the porch and disappeared around the corner of the house---Gone! He was shy, embarrassed that he had shared so much with me--I felt as though I had just met him. He was a total stranger before today and now what was I to do with this new person? As the days moved into one of the coldest and snowiest winters in memory, I found that there were so many stories about this man called Fred. He was known in the Village as a man of great faith, a religious man of great depth and devotion to the church. He sang in many choir groups and he led prayer groups at the little Catholic church near the train. I still to this day can not believe what I heard in my back yard; it seems he did break into song on many occasions. The Village knows him for his moments of great song--in the park on a windy Wednesday night he sang the complete aria from the Pearl Fishers--another favorite of mine.Many times he was invited to sing at the Dune Church, on the ocean (the oldest church on the East End) for special services, some weddings too.This day, I discovered a man of complete and total purpose. He was singing from his heart at any unexpected moment--He would take a song from the day and make it entirely his own--a masterpiece by the end of it and he had a way of making a message in his song that needed to be heard by someone--anyone who needed to hear it. An angel? Perhaps; I never had anyone sing to me  before, especially an aria that I remember from my youth--a song that no one else knows! A prayer; A song so obscure that only an opera buff would know it and he sang it to perfection. This was the last time I saw Fred, until that day in the back yard with his homemade sled. Dead of winter and it was freezing! Fred has cancer I hear, and now I wonder when I will see him again. I don't even know where he lives!Always on the run, this man of purpose--doing things for others, always!...And the voice of an angel!Now, that is a quiet man; a purposeful man with a purposeful life!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ **ALL INFORMATION AND CONTENT IN THIS BLOG IS ORIGINAL TO PAULA I. HATHAWAY.  The views expressed herein are my personal views and do not reflect the views of Douglas Elliman Real Estate Paula I. 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Sat, 19 May 2018 - THE BIG BREAK--UP??...OR WISHFUL THINKING?Sometime in 2006--2007, a successful technology team decided that real estate was the next obvious target to take on: The multi-billion dollar brokerage industry was a treasure that no one, not a soul had ever even thought of trying to control outside of the individual states. If they could do it to the Travel Agencies across America, they could do it to the real estate market. But, those same technology experts also knew that they had to protect themselves from the States Licensing laws by never obtaining a license! These technology guys would just take or scrape the listings off all the brokerages websites, use the data for their own platform and they would be protected from the regulations that the states freely assign to their licensed agents and brokers, because they were not licensed! Just what was it that they took? Read on: The real point of what is causing most of the chaos that is driving the big changes in real estate brokerages today are non-licensed companies that have claimed the real value in brokerage and that is it's original, authentic and high quality content....Don't forget the term: "Content Is King!"Content controls everything real estate on the Internet! Just as all content must be original, authentic and high quality in order to attract SEO from all search engines, listings must be made up of the same "stuff" in order to attract buyers. Sellers must be sure their properties are made up of this high quality content in order to get them sold.Listings are the "content" needed in real estate to stay in business! Otiginal listing data; not copied or scraped! and brokerages no longer hold that content....They gave it all away and now are scrambling to try to re-capture something that cannot be re-captured! This idea of capturing the original, authentic and high quality content of the real estate game is what drove Z to run down these big brokerages and convince them to become "partners"!They Bamboozled the big Corporate Brokerages!!...These technology giants are NOT licensed so they do not have to follow the strict state licensing laws like we do--and they need the Google Juice that comes with OUR original content. No more scraped -(Copied and pasted) listings for Z, as they used to do!NO! They now have the ears of the Corporate leaders, the big companies, the ones who came to this community and many other smaller resort communities around the country and  bought out all the Mom and Pop real estate offices. They are the ones who brought the concept of "Branding" into the way of thinking of real estate brokerages here in the Hamptons and this branding was created to attract celebrities and other big spenders into the Hamptons, Big Time!These are the companies who took the position of market leaders as they marketed to the celebrity. They have literally changed the face of this quiet country side into a honky tonk sort of existence for most who choose to live here full time. It's "Hollywood" glamour and "party time" appeal in their advertising and marketing efforts that has made this lovely, historical sea side resort a zoo for 4 months out of the year...and longer.I see we are closer than ever to becoming the one thing that none of us wanted out here, at least in the summer season: A slick, big city  "conglomerate" attitude with more money than taste!The Big Box Corporations, seeking to tap into the  budding wealth equity of new development in the real estate industry in the mid 2000's, saw their opportunities here in the Hamptons. And then the bigger, sophisticated building trades saw the same thing.Together, they have literally altered the demographics overnight and we now are watching as the priciest properties are sold right here in the middle of the most fertile soil between ocean and bays--pushing farmers out, forcing them out or into bankrupcy if they didn't sell their farm fields to developers.There are heart breaking stories--stories about 200 and 300 year old farms whose ancestors are being shaken down by the courts on behalf of bigger, wealthier land developers. But that is for another post, another day.The Big Corporate Brand of real estate is what attracted Z,S and T. These tech guys saw an opportunity as well, and they created an offer the big box real estate companies could NOT refuse: They offered them the best SEO in exchange for giving those technology theives all their data---ALL their listings!!!The big brokerages sold us all out and now,  after having given away the life blood of the entire industry, they think they can shift the focus away from agents and listings (content) to technology and algorithms!How unaware they are--Z got what they wanted from all the brokerages and left the skeletons of these firms in place. Now they are just waiting like vultures to step in and clean up the mess after the collapse! UPDATE: New York State is taking a strong stance now going after agents who advertise incorrectly and do not properly identify themselves and their sponsors in every ad they run--19 NYCRR Section 175.25. This includes their ads run on Z, S and T!!Now, this is no big deal to me because I don't run any ads anymore (and I don't pay Z for space)--But the agents who are on Z and other sites, they do put YOUR INFORMATION on an ad AFTER YOU HAVE PAID THEM!! Guess what? If you are that agent you can be fined $500 for the first offense, $1000 for the second and $1500 for the third and it goes up incrementally if your information is inaccurate and if you have your face plastered next to another agents listing!!How's that for Irony??. We have been totally duped into thinking we are somewhat protected by our licensing laws and we are anything but!According to a State administrator working for one of our Real Estate Associations here, there is real anger at the brokerages who have given away the precious life blood of the prized Exclusive listings. Homes are being watched and owners are being contacted to see if they have given permission to advertise by these agents. It is NOT Z, S or T who will be fined for this false advertising!This is war folks--and we may be the direct target for being fined and therefore responsible for the whole mess!There is real intent by New York State to re-take the controls of this ship that is so off course--The states may start to regulate the public as well, I hear. In other words, the states may find regulations to try to control what Z,S and T are doing with our content in the way they advertise! Let's hope that is in the cards--I don't know if it is even possible.This would be the most noble of efforts on behalf of our profession on the part of the state governments, ever!--It just may end up to be the straw that broke the camels back.I can't wait to see how it all unfolds.... Maybe anti-trust laws come into play? We will see... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ **ALL INFORMATION AND CONTENT IN THIS BLOG IS ORIGINAL TO PAULA I. HATHAWAY.  The views expressed herein are my personal views and do not reflect the views of Douglas Elliman Real Estate Paula I. 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Wed, 16 May 2018 - "PAY-TO-PLAY": THE REAL REASON FOR THE STRUGGLE IN BROKERAGE TODAY??It's a good question especially with the chaos going on within the brokerage community and with the top producers leaving in droves to go to work for their former competitors! Looking for a new "home" may not be the answer however, as the top brokerages are all in the same stew: High splits for their top agents are killing their profits!In one of my last posts: REAL ESTATE BROKERAGES ARE STARTING TO CLOSE IN NYC! , I had several encounters with the type of agent who has fallen into line behind a number of Top Producers who get their leads from Zillow and the like. In that post I included the article from THE REAL DEAL: The Death Of The Brokerage. It was such an eye opener to many that the large brokerages could be affected so instantaneously as they struggle to keep their top producers happy...The biggest splits go as high as 95% acccording to the Real Deal article.Now, these top producers can't possibly be out there seeking out their own leads, pulling in the most  contacts through their own efforts. No, most are paying big time to get the calls from leads through these national sites. In my own experience, I can tell you it does not cost $1,000 amonth to get the results these power brokers need to stay on top...It is more likely they are paying thousands a month to get the leads away from the many other agents who are out there paying big time as well! An agent in my office bragged that she was spending $40k a year to get the leads she is getting. Of course here in the Hamptons, it is the lower end of the price spectrum that gets the lions share of the leads. So she is making her Top Producer status by selling in the outlying areas of the Hamptons or West of the Canal, just outside the Hampton's proper.The top end of the market--the $15million+ market is not as likely to get the calls from Zillow....yet! It is beginning to happen in spite of the fact that most of those leads end up to be the ultimate in Lookie Loos! Curiosity makes them call more than the desire to buy.That seems to be changing as the exposure to these national websites changes and as Zillow, redfin and Streeteasy capture more and more agents at the higher price spectrum using these sites and paying a huge amount of money trying to ceate more growth by participating.Agents who pay big time to get big results are really playing the "Pay To Play"game...Pay To Play is alive and well in real estate--at least it is at the moment! You will not show up on Zillow next to a big listing if you are not paying them thousands a month--and I mean thousands! Some say anywhere between $3000 to $10,000 a month!Now, we see the brokerages falling by the wayside as they try to absorb the cost of many of their top agents who are doing most of their business by buying leads from these sites. They can't absorb the costs!!How do big brokerages survive the requirement of their Top Producers to pay huge amounts of money to buy leads? How do the high splits ultimatley affect these large brokerages?Well, you don't have to be a genius to figure it all out. We will soon see what happens as these Top Producers who choose to do business by paying to play with the Zillows and Redfins of the Techno-World, find out that the brokerages can't pay them their commissions! Why? Because the brokerages can't make enough money from these agents! The splits are too big!!IN SHORT:  In order to make big bucks top producers need leads. In order to get the number of leads to accomplish their goals they need to pay to get them!  Rather than work to get the leads, they would rather pay someone else to get the leads for them--they welcome the idea that Zillow will give them those leads for big bucks!In turn, the agent needs a bigger split to pay the huge cost of buying those leads.THE BIGGER THE SPLIT, THE BIGGER THE FALL WHEN REAL ESTATE SLOWS DOWN!This, my friends, is what real estate has become: One big Pay To Play game that is leaching money from the hard working agents who DON"T pay to play, and destroying the very foundation of the brokerage business itself! Right now, it is no secret that real estate has slowed in many areas--A reason cannot be identified. The best one is the idea that the public does not need to move as they did in the past--jobs can be done long distance, thanks to the internet! Whether that is the real reason behind the slowdown is yet to be determined, but the business is in the process of some form of change and we are feeling the brunt of it.......And now,  Zillow is lobbying in Washington to identify those brokerages who they claim are withholding information from the consuming public! That means all of us!  The claim made by Zillow is that real estate professionals are keeping the public from the having access to the information need to buy and sell their own real estate!! Oh the IRONY of it all! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ **ALL INFORMATION AND CONTENT IN THIS BLOG IS ORIGINAL TO PAULA I. HATHAWAY.  The views expressed herein are my personal views and do not reflect the views of Douglas Elliman Real Estate Paula I. 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Thu, 03 May 2018 - REAL ESTATE BROKERAGES ARE STARTING TO CLOSE IN NYC:I went to the office Monday morning and had one of the agents in my cubicle tell me that she got a call from an agent whom she didn't know--had never heard of.A ROGUE "AGENT" APPEARS OUT OF NOWHERE TO TRY TO TAKE OVER HIGH END LISTINGSHe was asking her all kinds of questions about her exclusive listing--this listing happens to be a $39Mil ocean front listing that my agent friend has had listed for several months.  The agent went into great detail  in his questions--way beyond the normal agent questions if one is looking to send on to a buyer. He was asking about the area--details that only a local agent would know! He knew nothing about the area, the state or the Hamptons...He even went so far as to ask if he could preview the property. My agent friend told him he had to present his real estate ID in order for her to show him the house--and the owner is one who wants to be sure that the people she does take through the property are well qualified. This person never presented his card to her or anyone else for that matter--just faded away.SOMEONE SENT THIS YOUNG MAN ON A MISSIONLater, my agent friend told me that she looked up his phone number and he is employed by Zillow!! She doesn't think he is even licensed as an agent. That was so upsetting to her---she said "Why didn't I listen to you?? You have been screaming this from the roof tops and no one here paid any attention!! Zillow is trying to take over the brokerage business!!" Well, that is true---you have read my blog posts! I have written a record number of posts on the Z's T's and Streeteasy's as they came into our universe, stating that they had a goal of putting all brokerages out of business---just as they did with their Expedia venture--they put all travel agencies out of business--forever!!  IT WAS EXPEDIA THAT DESTROYED THE TRAVEL AGENCY! Yes, Spencer Rascoff and his crew started Expedia in the early 2000's and after they had accomplished what they set out to do, they sold Expedia for billions and moved on to greener pastures, STATING THAT THE GOAL WAS TO DO THE SAME THING TO REAL ESTATE BROKERAGES--in every part of the country.THE FIRST SHOE TO DROPYesterday I read The Real Deal and the lead article was one about "Town Residential" closing down.Town was a huge success as a high end real estate firm in Manhattan for almost 10 years..Opened in 2010 by Andrew Heiberger the original founder of CitiHabitats. He sold that firm for $50mil in 2010 and began Town Residential, quickly becoming a major force in high end and new development real estate with 600 agents in 20 offices....It closed last week. Below is the link to the article; please read it as it will give you some real insight as to what is coming down the pike in the near future, perhaps for all brokerages across the nation., this may be nothing or may appear to be a scary "Long Shot" for this to happen out in middle America--but it is happening!! It will curl your hair to read that this big dominant NYC firm dissappeared in 4 days! There were other factors involved but those factors all lead back to the chaos now infiltrating the brokerage buisnesses as they try to compete with the vile tactics of Zillow, Redfin and others.And now this from Jonathan Miller of Miller Samuels, Douglas Elliman Accountant, in Housing Notes  "After More Than A Decade of Denials, Zillow Will Sell Homes""It seemed inevitable that Zillow would be getting into the home-flipping business. If a company amasses the data and then builds analytics around it…and then watches a lot of HGTV, yes it is inevitable."Gamechanger: Zillow to begin buying and selling houses [Housingwire]…with the subtitle: Follows lead of Redfin and other direct homebuyersZillow Intends to Buy and Flip Homes [WSJ]…with the subtitle: Online listing service’s strategy threatens to disrupt traditional real-estate-agent business model"With the Zestimate as one of the least accurate AVMs I have seen, I can’t imagine this being profitable unless they are relying heavily on forward-looking analytics through clicks. Competitors like OpenDoor who have garnered a lot of attention from investors specialize in markets with homogenous housing stock and after seeing a presentation, I believe their margins and margin for error are very thin. They don’t use listing agents but are very cooperative with buyer agents. I don’t see how Zillow can rely on the Zestimate for this strategy at high scale." [PHOTO: CHRIS GOODNEY/BLOOMBERG NEWS] Take this as another warning from the peanut gallery---Or pay attention as you never have before because this is a dire situation now! We can only lay in wait for the effects of the chaos that has enveloped good solid real estate brokerages.  Most are just trying to keep their top producers from vanishing and with having already given away their only ace in the hole, their original content (listings) to the likes of Zillow, Trulia, Redfin and Streeteasy, this is looking more and more like the beginning of the end! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ **ALL INFORMATION AND CONTENT IN THIS BLOG IS ORIGINAL TO PAULA I. HATHAWAY.  The views expressed herein are my personal views and do not reflect the views of Douglas Elliman Real Estate Paula I. 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"HAMPTON'S HIDEAWAYS"....Where To Go When You DON'T Want To Be "SEEN".

Fri, 04 May 2018 - "HAMPTON'S HIDEAWAYS"...Where To Go When You Don't Want To Be "Seen". The Hamptons is located on the Eastern End of Long Island and includes the towns of Southampton and East Hampton, New York. Most people do not think of the Hamptons when they want to just go away to relax and not be "seen" by a lot of other vacationers. We are all in search of total privacy at times and it can be very hard to find it---especially in the most popular vacation spot in America! Short of having a home here where you can literally vegetate for a long weekend, the Hamptons is not known for being a very relaxing place where you can "disappear" for a while to be alone or to be with the one you love. There are places here, however that could fit the bill if you know about them--I, myself, have "gone away" for a long weekend to Gurney's Inn--thoroughly enjoying my alone time, I came back to work like a new person! It is also recommended to try coming to the Hamptons off-season--the month of September is spectacular and less expensive then the summer months. Early Spring, such as April and May are also perfectly beautiful as is Christmas, Hannuka and Thanksgiving. So, I would like to share a list of places, little known and obscure places here in this beautiful place, where one could just disappear if one wants to. This is for the local population as well; you never know when you want to fall off the face of the earth for a day or more---these just may do the trick! "Hampton's Hideaways"...Great places to go when you don't want to be "seen". I have listed below what I think are the nicest, most private and wonderful places to stay in the Hamptons. These are tried and true Inns and Hotels which have passed the decades in quiet and supreme privacy.Montauk Yacht Club     Star Island Rd, Montauk     631-668-3100 Gurney's Inn and Spa    290 Old Montauk Hwy     631-668-2345 Inn At Mill Creek, The     Noyac Road, Sag Harbor     631-725-1116 Maidstone Arms Inn, The     207 Main St., East Hampton     631-324-5006 Huntting Inn, The     94 Main St, East Hampton     631-324-0410 American Hotel     Main St., Sag Harbor     631-725-3535 The Mainstay  579 Hill Street   631-283-4375 Southampton Inn     91 Hill Street, Southampton     631-204-1792 1708 House, The     126 Main st., Southampton     631-283-1708 Topping Rose House        2546 Montauck Highway, Bridgehampton  631-537-0870Most of these wonderful get-aways have restaurants, however, most are within walking distance to the villages and Hamlets where you will find many choices for a casual lunch or dinner. With the exception of Gurney's Inn, where it is highly recommended that you enjoy the Spa food, the restaurants serve a varied menu of gourmet fair. They are all world class eateries and most have been written up in European travel guides as well as leading travelogues here in the US. My personal experience tells me that these Inns are NOT to be missed! Be prepared for a variety of price ranges. Other delightful and delicious places to eat in The Hamptons (in no particular order) are:Sant Ambroeus                30 Main St., Southampton Village                  631-283-1233 Redbar Brasserie             Hampton Road, Southampton Village             631-283-0704 Gosman's Dock                On the water, Montauk                              631-6685330 Nick and Tony"s               136 Main St, East Hampton                           631-324-3550 Oakland's Restaurant and Marina   Dune Road, Hampton Bays               631-728-6900 Mirko's                            Water Mill Square, Water Mill                         631-726-4444 Spinnakers                      Main Street, Sag Harbor                                631-725-9353 Tutto Il Giorno                 5 Bay Street, Sag Harbor                               631-725-7009 Shippy's Pumpernickle    Windmill Lane, Southampton                       631-283-0007 1770 Restaurant              143 Main Street, East Hampton                      631-324-1770 Silver's (Lunch, Brunch)     15 Main Street, Southampton                        631-283-6443 Sip N' Soda Luncheonette   40 Hampton Road, Southampton                   631-283-9718 La parmagiana                  Hampton Road, Southampton                       631-283-8030Again, I have eaten in all of these wonderful restaurants and if personal recommendation is what you are looking for, please try them out on your next trip to The Hampton's...I personally recommend them! Walking distance is king here in the Hamptons! --most people want to stroll and see the sights. Below are the places you can do just that without many crowds to dodge. Shopping is a great pass-time in the Hamptons...Historic, white-fronted stores abound here with designer clothing, toys and home goods. The great wood frame windows in Hildreths, the oldest still-operating department store in America, make you feel like you stepped back in time. Cedar shingled and stone turrets are part of the early architecture. Art galleries are plentiful and you can even stop in at the former Parrish Art Museum, now the Southampton Cultural Center while you are here. If you want to get a look at the beautiful gardens and grounds designed by famed Central park Landscape Architect, Frederick Law Olmsted and the building where the Parrish was housed, you should put this on your "Must See" list and make sure you do not miss the Isle of Caesar's in the side garden there!!! Below are my favorite places to go for peaceful enjoyment:The famous sea going marina at Sag Harbor wharf and the blue and seagreen waterfront are the place for checking out the yachts and other ocean going vessels. The marina there is the only one with ocean going vessels on the Eastern End of Long Island. You may be lucky enough to see famous world travelers on their huge white and marine-blue yachts. Southampton Village shops and Agawam Park off Jobs Lane---where there is plenty of space to just disappear from view as you enjoy your time walking the green pathways along Pond Lane, feeding the ducks and geese and taking in the serene view of the lake and the deep, steel blue of the ocean beyond.... A quiet walk on the ocean beaches or the bay beaches is the choice of many who want to just disappear from a busy world! Board-walks exist for people like you who just want to enjoy the wildlife and the water ways that are reserved just for the wild ones---and for you to take in as you enjoy the views. Make sure to visit the longest boardwalk out here on Meadow Lane--Walk out into the most exquiste wild life refuge on Shinnecock Bay, across from the Atlantic ocean There are many wildlife preserves here on the Eastern End of Long Island. A few of them are available for humans to enjoy as well as the waterfowl and endangered in particular is a place to go to enjoy interacting with the wildlife; feed the birds out of your hand--watch the little ground animals as they scurry hither and yon for food. The Morton Wildlife Refuge on Noyac Road in Sag Harbor is the best place to experience the wildlife in their protected habitat. The State Park at Montauk is another treasure of walking paths and waterside escapes where you can enjoy nature in it's most perfect setting. Sit on the rocks and watch the froathy, white waves crash against the grey and velvet brown bluffs. Feel totally renewed and invigorated by the wind racing up and down the valleys and dunes leaving you with a most incredible experience of the power of the Atlantic Ocean.  Since Montauk is the furthest point of Long Island it is the home of the first and most famous of all Eastern seaboard lighthouses, The red and white Montauk Lighthouse. Built during George Washington's presidency, The Montauk Lighthouse has reigned since 1792 as one of the first lighthouses built in the United States. Hexagonal in shape and built of stones from Connecticut, it was built in less than 5 months by a hearty bunch of craftsman in the heat of the long hot summer of 1792. It has withstood the Nor'easters and hurricanes that have passed this way over the centurys--erosion even threatened it. But the art of the craftsmen who built the lighthouse has kept it a safe distance from the bluffs and it's re-inforced structure and light tower have remained safe over time as well. These are just a few of the great things to do here in The Hamptons. Don't miss out on a terrific off-season weekend or week here. Most accommodations are open year round; rarely do they close except for the months of January and February when they may feel the need to close down to travel or for vacation time for themselves. MAKE SURE YOU PUT THE HAMPTONS ON YOUR LIST OF PLACES TO GO TO JUST DISAPPEAR! AND MAKE SURE YOU DON'T MISS THE HIGHLIGHTS OF A GREAT VACATION IN "HAMPTON'S HIDEAWAYS"!!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ **ALL INFORMATION AND CONTENT IN THIS BLOG IS ORIGINAL TO PAULA I. HATHAWAY.  The views expressed herein are my personal views and do not reflect the views of Douglas Elliman Real Estate Paula I. 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