From Localism Posts To A Book...Sound Like A Good Idea?

Mon, 30 Jul 2018 - From Localism Posts To A Book...Sound Like A Good Idea?I wrote a post in 2010 about my adventures in blogging here on ActiveRain. Most of my posts are about The Hamptons with local information and history being my focus....and I do review some of my posts from time to time. I thought it could be quite enlightening to read this one again since it had to do with my ultimate goal of writing a book. I just wanted to see what I was thinkng about back then.  To my total surprise and joy, I discovered that I was on my way, at that point,  to writing a book.I began my book last year and started with short stories that have evolved into something much deeper. It is fiction because I found there are so many stories that can include the really good things about The Hamptons if told in story form...It is a book of fiction but based on many of my life experiences living here in this bucolic place called The Hamptons. I want to convey the REAL stuff that The Hamptons is made of, stepping away from all the celebrity and over the top, luxurious lifestyle that it has become.Just to bring you all up to date, I started that book, right here on AR and there are several chapters that have been published here. I used the "Localism" posts that I had written over the years (I joined AR in 2007) and even though the first few years were relatively unproductive in terms of really good posts and features, I stuck with it.Please read the post below here that began my inspiration to write a book; if you want to see the portions that were already published here on ActiveRain, go to: The Sled Purposeful Life Untold Story A Little Bird Told Me If you feel like it, (and I always do appreciate a good critique!) Please leave your comments. There are re-writes to come, of course, before the book will be ready to publish officially and there are several more chapters to come. But I like the idea of an interactive experience with writing and ActiveRain is such a good place to get good opinions!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Written on 4/22/2010BLOGGING MY WAY TO WRITING A BOOK!!!...SOMETHING WE ALL CAN DO!After reading a featured post today about how Activerain has been such a vaulable source of business for Susan Goulding ("What A difference an Activerain Blog Makes--a Retrospective") and responding to her inspiring post I decided to consider something: WHAT WOULD HAPPEN IF I TOOK MY LOCAL POSTS AND PUT THEM  TOGETHER IN A SORT OF HYPER-LOCAL TRAVEL-LOG? Then I discovered/realized something: I have been BLOGGING MY WAY TO WRITING A BOOK!!!...SOMETHING WE ALL CAN DO! I have been blogging since 2007 and it has been a challenge to get a lot of public attention, especially since I live in a resort/second home area--so, finding that I am not on the radar that the person looking for a primary residence is on, I decided to take the approach of revealing the precious information that no one really knows about the people a place to read about the wonderful things to do here in the Hamtpons, should you choose to visit a result, I have begun to write a travel log--not even close to being published but it will all come together one day after I have shared some of the most spectacular, funny, historical, and revealing things that make the Hamptons one of the greatest treasures in the USA! The person who buys a house here in the Hamptons is the one has visited here and has fallen in love with the "light", the weather, the beaches, the culture, the artists, the food, the wild life, the life style and just about everything else you can imagine about a place to have a second home---or a primary one!  Here's how to develop the possiblity:Isn't it a good idea to review some of your posts?--Look back to the early days too (sometimes those are the best, freshest and genuine ones) and look for the juicy themes, the ones with lots of meat to them. That is where you will get a "thread" of an idea and then start blogging away like mad on the theme!!It just may be another "travel-log" for some OTHER area, unwritten about or just more revealing than most other books that have covered your part of America. I have found the books that have been written about the Hampton's in the past are good but they all share one common theme: BOARING!!! The most colorful ones are the cookbooks and coffetable books---but there are not that many and there is room for lots more!!!...and don't forget the new "readers" like the ipad or even Kindle...these are new venues for good reading and I think a place to keep in mind when you are writing.So, join me on a campaign of writing something of value from our precious treasury here on Activerain! I would love to hear if someone has already done that? Have YOU written posts that you think would make a great book? (big or small) I think that is something to consider at least--and share whatever you think you can without giving out TMI..:)...Let your creative juices flow and lets see who can do it first!!! THANK YOU,  ACTIVRAIN FOR BEING A PLACE OF IDEAS AND INSPIRATION! ...WHO KNEW THIS PLACE COULD BE SO FRUITFUL AND CREATIVE TOO!!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ **ALL INFORMATION AND CONTENT IN THIS BLOG IS ORIGINAL TO PAULA I. HATHAWAY.  The views expressed herein are my personal views and do not reflect the views of Douglas Elliman Real Estate Paula I. 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WHAT IS YOUR BIGGEST FEAR?...A Look At What Is Behind That Fear...

Tue, 14 Aug 2018 - WHAT IS YOUR BIGGEST FEAR?...A Look At What Is Behind That FearHave you ever failed at anything in life? Anything really big?Have you ever tried to do something BIG and then halt the process out of fear?Many people think their biggest fear is fear of failure--I know I always thought that was my biggest fear!Now I have another take on fear...I have had many failures in my life so I know now that my biggest fear is not that!If you have an associate or close friend or family member who you feel has betrayed you, you may be able to see and understand what I mean when I tell you that my biggest fear in my life is fear of betrayal. WHEN YOU HAVE BEEN BETRAYEDI share a lot about my life--I share with my good friends and family and I share with some of my business colleagues.I have always been that way and I know that I am very open--I have been criticized for it by a very close family member.I do have a filter and I do use it frequently in my business but there are times when I MUST share things so that I have clarity with those who I must deal with.I got a card from a relative recently--a distant relative who has always been known for his underhanded ways.In that card, he made one statement totally unrelated to anything that I have ever said or done and a seemingly harmless little statement, in his handwriting...But the ramifications of what he said were huge and I felt pain from it unlike anything else that I have experienced--Until, that is, when I had a fellow agent who told a big lie about me and I was not given a rightfully deserved top award in my company because of his lie!That was when it hit me; there are things that I fear tremendously and there are things that I fear so much I can't even think about them without freaking out!BETRAYAL IS A KILLER OF SORTSThe big one for me is BETRAYALI review my life frequently--I look back to see what I have learned from--and what I haven't learned from.The place that I feel I can never learn anything from is the place of BETRAYAL.There is nothing you can do if you are betrayed--nothing you  can do to make yourself feel better. Nothing you  can learn, really. The pain will be the thing that gets to you...Very hard to get past the pain!It is so hard to move on from that place, simply because a betrayal is permanent...Permanent, of course if you can not get past it. Betrayal is intentional and unforgivable and therefore very hard to subjectively examine it and come away without intense anger....See the problem? Betrayal begets mistrust, intense dislike and most of all, anger!Anger is a killer too, the biggest one! It can physically destroy you if you don't deal with and handle anger! BETRAYAL COMES FROM SOMEONE ELSE'S ILL-INTENTBlackmail is a betrayal at the deepest, darkest level--Best to reveal that which someone else views as ammunition for Blackmail, before there is a chance for blackmail!Think of where a person's thinking is when he/she is deep in the act of blackmail.Then think of where a persons mind is when they betray you....It's the same thinking and it is the slippery slope to destruction; a place that rivals criminal thinking. BETRAYAL IS INTENTIONALSo the lesson I have learned from BETRAYAL is:It is better to have been betrayed and to have learned from it than it is to flail away at it, knowing that you can do nothing about it.It is better to be in the position of acceptance than it is to hold that betrayal permanently against another soul.It will only harm you in the end, not the perpetrator!As for the LIE that became the biggest betrayal of my business life, well that is the most difficult one to get past to this day. The lie was in writing and had to do with me not getting credit for a big ocean front sale that was referred to me.This was a sales referral that another agent felt that I did not deserve to get credit for! The top executive believed him and took the credit for the sale AND the top award away from me--in front of everyone at our breakfast awards meeting.It was cold and calculating and came across as a punishment although I never knew why I was being punished! After all, it  is a very good and decent thing to do when you take a referral and then complete a sale from it! ---and the agent who  made the big fuss and wrote that hideous letter, did it for his sister!His sister was then given the top award, right at the same award meeting!! Apparently she had threatened to leave the company if they did not give her that award. She had something to threaten the top executive with, so the executive gave it to her!! A form of blackmail, in my opinion.THE BEST REMEDY FOR BETRAYALSo, in order to limit the harm from that person, I stay my distance--Years later, his sister came to me one day to ask for forgiveness---The nerve of her!!I was very brief in my statement to her: "You  can have that award--just remember to tell people how you really got it! If you don't, I will!"...and at every turn I have told anyone who was curious about what happened.The problem with that technique is: I have never allowed myself to heal from that vicious wound! I have kept it alive, fresh and raw for many years now and, as you can tell, I have not gotten over it to this day!So, by writing this now, I am closing the door on the story of my biggest betrayal and now I can go forward.I have just put the biggest fear of my life to death---by talking openly about it in the vain that it really is:A really lousy agent who did a really lousy thing!!I am bigger than that and I am moving on!By the way, this Brother and Sister team have never done well since then.The top executive has since been re-appointed to another position, away from the "day to day" with the agents. My growth comes from letting it go--I have begun the healing! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ **ALL INFORMATION AND CONTENT IN THIS BLOG IS ORIGINAL TO PAULA I. HATHAWAY.  The views expressed herein are my personal views and do not reflect the views of Douglas Elliman Real Estate Paula I. Hathaway, Senior Broker Associate, Douglas Elliman Real Estate Southamtpon Village Real Estate Specialist since 1995;  Also Specializes in North Sea, Noyac, Water Mill and Bridgehampton, New York Diamond , Gold and Chairman's Circle Awards; Top Producer since 2005 Click here to see my Hampton's website to see all my listings; please email me or call me for all your real estate needs in Southampton, Bridgehampton and Watermill: MY REAL ESTATE SHOWS:

Dehumanization of The Real Estate Agent

Sat, 21 Jul 2018 - Dehumanization of The Real Estate AgentIt has been too long now for most people to remember how real estate agents and their brokers functioned in the past.My last post, "'DIRECT HUMAN INTERACTION'...The Importance Of HUMAN Connection In Real Estate" was featured here on AR. This post covered the reasons that I believe to be behind the falling off of sales across the country and the malaise that we see within brokerages as they try to regain the place that belonged to them for so long. It points to the reaction/perception that has developed over the last 6-7 years, that it is Zillow and its counterparts who are running the show now in real estate. I wrote that post to counter the idea that we, as agents are less important than ever before--On the contrary, a disenfranchised public is LOOKING for the human connection that they vaguely remember, BZ (Before Zillow)I was also invited to share that post on another website for real estate agents: ZURPLE, AGENT INSIGHTS.  It should appear in about a week, so check back at the above website to see that placement.This post should make points through ideas and a few examples of how we can begin to formulate our return to the rightful place for brokerage. I hope the points I make are well recieved and then we can all begin to rethink how we are engaging our clients and customers.BZ--BEFORE OUR NEMISIS, ZILLOWBZ (Before Zillow),  we as licensed agents, were the point of connection for the public. They found us in our property ads, our public open houses and through our signs on houses. They found us in church and at dinner parties, restaurants and the movies.But more often then not they found us in our offices, at our desks working hard on all of our deals and potential clients.These points of contact were the way we did our daily work and we did it very well! The public had no problem coming in to the office to speak to an agent!!For most agents in today's real estate business, to understand the importance of interaction with the public and how it "drives the bus" is an impossible task!It's not that the agents have forgotten---they have never known what it feels like! These are the nameless ones who rely on the Internet to generate their leads, to approve of them through the almost anonymous rating systems on big real estate sites and who actually pay for their own face to show up on any listing, no matter who has brought the listing to market!TO DEHUMANIZE IS TO MAKE LESS HUMAN--AS IN A ROW OF FACES ON THE WEB, WITHOUT A FRAME OF REFERENCE, NEXT TO A PROPERTY THAT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH ANY ONE OF THE FACES!"Call this agent" is the command from behind the curtain--and the public follows suit. They make those calls and they get nothing but a possible confrontation as to "Who are you??? I called the listing agent to see this house!" They feel entirely miss-lead.The public is fed up! They no longer want to even consider working with an agent to buy or sell their homes. It may take a few years before the bad experiences that the public is sure to have with the dubious likes of Z, T and others as they effort to DIY (Do It Yourself) in real estate.ITS TIME TO RETURN TO A PROVEN, MORE DIRECT INTERACTION IN REAL ESTATENo longer can we rely on our reputations to get referrals and calls from friends  and friends of friends! We have had our reputations decimated and down-right trashed by the likes of Big Sites, i.e. Z, T and others. We have literally been dehumanized by the phony line up of stars near each face---an insinuation that said agent is a top producer when in fact they may be a brand new agent, or at the very most,  have 1-2 deals that closed!!AS AGENTS, WE HAVE NOT FULLY INFORMED THE PUBLIC OF JUST WHAT IT IS THAT WE DO!We as agents/brokers have not been forthcoming enough with the public on just what it is that we do. The complexity of the deal is something most people have never been involved with--the perception of a "seamless deal" comes almost completely from the talent of the agent--and his or her ability to foresee issues and prevent them from becoming deal breakers.It is very hard to tell people how hard we work so we need to demonstrate it in our day to day interactions with them. This is not a simple thing to do but I feel that we are on the leading edge of something new here and we need to take this opportunity to create videos, do seminars and do other public focused and interactive things that show us in the light that we need to be seen in.It may be that we start doing seminars to the public--There is huge public interest in real estate--why not use that to our advantage?Spend time in your offices again! Do more open houses! Appear in public as you help the needy!..but more than anything else: STOP PAYING THE MONSTER!!!We can inform the public collectively, offering to those who are interested ways to understand what they can do to make the best real estate decisions--this time from the "horses mouth". I am open to hearing all the other ideas that are out there--something has to stick!I just attended a "Give-Back" seminar that was held here in Southampton Village at the Southampton Arts Center on Jobs Lane and it was for our company with a handful of Douglas Elliman agents who appeared on a panel and who are in line with the same thinking--Give-back, or interact with the community: These were agents who volunteer and are on the board of a day-school for the neediest of children in our area (no one seems to understand that there are very needy families here in the Hamptons). An agent who has been a board member and President at one time for the "Fresh Air Fund", a 120 year old "summer home" for disabled children in New York City who get a free vacation here in the Hamptons very year. An agent who is a volunteer coach in a local high school in Bridgehampton. An agent who is a Colonial in the Air Force and he does volunteer helicopter rescues at sea and for accident victims here, who are taken to Stony Brook Hospital many miles away. An agent who has been a volunteer in many of the local charitable groups here. It was fascinating to watch as the whole idea of Direct Human Interaction was displayed right there in front of me--making a terrific point! What a great "from the Heart" experience!!This is an opportunity for those of us who do remember the business when we  still had a semblance of respect and personal dignity. We are a large group and it is impossible to destroy ALL of us; yet there is a full throated effort a-foot to undermine brokerages.In the public perception, we have lost out completely to the most unlikely competitors--the world of technology!!It is true that NAR did not support us in the very beginning when we had a chance to put the tech experts in their proper place! It is true that NAR did nothing as they watched the Zs and Ts come into our business with no real estate or local knowledge--and yet they turned away as these sites usurped the very reason for brokerage--to protect the public from nefarious, questionable treatment!But, try we must!! I look forward to hearing comments from those members here on AR who have suggestions and ideas that can begin to bring the public interest back to us all! Please comment below??! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ **ALL INFORMATION AND CONTENT IN THIS BLOG IS ORIGINAL TO PAULA I. HATHAWAY.  The views expressed herein are my personal views and do not reflect the views of Douglas Elliman Real Estate Paula I. Hathaway, Senior Broker Associate, Douglas Elliman Real Estate Southamtpon Village Real Estate Specialist since 1995;  Also Specializes in North Sea, Noyac, Water Mill and Bridgehampton, New York Diamond , Gold and Chairman's Circle Awards; Top Producer since 2005 Click here to see my Hampton's website to see all my listings; please email me or call me for all your real estate needs in Southampton, Bridgehampton and Watermill: MY REAL ESTATE SHOWS:


Fri, 27 Jul 2018 - HOW DO YOU  MARKET  YOURSELF IN TODAY'S CHAOS??We are in a shifting real estate market in most parts of this country---Our customary ways of doing things may not even work anymore. We don't have the same ways of reaching the public as we once did...not so long ago!So  many changes in social media at the moment are making it almost impossible to get the word out to those who we used to be able to reach in a nano-second.  Facebook has lost its appeal to many who are fearful of abuse in the personal information arena. Twitter has a problem right now as well and although you may not use Twitter for advertising, it is symbolic of the disintegration of social media, right before our eyes!The public, it seems has become so wary of ALL social media that we are witnessing a ".com" moment according to some in the world of finance. The stocks of these giant social media platforms are racing to the bottom as FB lost upwards of $190B in value this past week!A SHIFT HAS TAKEN PLACE AND WE DON'T KNOW WHERE IT IS TAKING USSo, we all now know that the Internet as a whole is in flux right now. What it means is far from easy to tell. I can see that the likes of Z, T and R have all been struggling to get their share of  $$ from agents who no longer feel like they want to sink thousands of dollars into a system that is not functioning as well as it did just 3-4 months ago. How does one keep feeding the monster if it is not generating what it did in the past? And it is not getting any better from I have read on Bloomberg today: "The US Housing Market Looks Headed for It's Biggest Slowdown In Years"Jonathan Miller is the accountant for Douglas Elliman and his brilliant "Housing Notes" newsletter is something I rely on week to week for up-to-date real estate information. He is stating the obvious: Prices MUST adjust before we see an improvement in sales...and that goes for most places in the U.S.I HAVE A NEW APPROACH THAT IS OLDER THAN DIRTIt has not been easy but I have learned that the more physical contact I can get with the public the better off I am in terms of being remembered. I hand out cards and give a point of personal acknowledgement to each and every person I come in contact with--And they do remember me! This one simple thing is making a difference for me--this and all the other things I did many years ago to get my business rolling again. "I can't seem to get my business going"-- "I'm not doing enough business!"; "I  just lost another buyer to another agent!"; or "I lost another listing to another agent!"---The truth is, they lost these clients/customers to those who are doing the right things!I am NOT an expert; just someone who has learned the ropes---through ACTIVERAIN and years of experience, and keeping an open mind to marketing ideas! The single most important thing I have done is "catch up!"....If you  haven't been on top of the latest ways to get your name out there in the real estate market, begin today to do those things!Today's real estate market does not care if you are doing the right things---it does not care if you can't seem to get new leads from your current website. Most large companies could care less if you are blogging or if you are taking advantage of SEO on your profile and on your listings!..and the market for SURE does not care about whether or not your face showed up on Z,T or R!!!Other agents are doing things you may not know about---learn what is out there for you to take advantage of.      YOU ARE MERELY A FACE AND THAT IS IT IF YOU ARE ONLY USING ZILLOW !     No one out there really knows who you are--At the most you are a face and profile that may or may not ever get read by the buying and selling public.Paying to get your face shown where it does not necessarily belong is the lowest form of marketing! It really is a no-brain-er to pay a big company to put your face on listings--It's just a very risky investment because when the market goes south, where does your money go and what do you get for that investment? Creative research and in-depth knowledge about past markets will help you to see that you need to be out there in the real world doing the things that will get you attention---good attention, not questionable attention as you may get from the big websites that are taking your hard earned money!GOOD PUBLIC EXPOSURE IS THE KEY--IN PERSON OR IN PRINT!But the more exposure, the better your chances of getting people to think of you for real estate. Make videos and Real Estate Shows---Those are easily shared on You-tube and Facebook....Create a BUZZ; be controversial!!If print ads still work, do them; just pick your places CAREFULLY! Track your results and go by that the next time you want to spend money on a print ad...find the best exposure and always use your website URL for more exposure!Also make sure you use the holiday time for publishing a print ad--that is when there is down time and therefore time for the public to pick up a paper or a magazine and read it--There you are! If you have the right tag line, a great property to advertise and a positive message to the public, it will work wonders!!POSITIVE MESSAGES, INCLUDED IN PRINT ADS ARE MOST EFFECTIVE Use tag lines like: Now THIS is a real value! Make sure to see it before it is gone! Here is an opportunity to own an ageless property; a home for generations to come! How many times have you MISSED the property of your dreams? Don't let it happen this time! Good price, great views and the BEST house on the Street! (or in the city, village or town) This will give you an idea of how to properly get your positive message out there to the public--They will respond and they may just buy it!Create your own website; especially if you work for a large company--this can expand your exposure and it gives you the right platform to present your blog or other reports and articles that are important to today's market. Write a newsletter monthly or bi-monthly with the latest news on your market---keep it short and to the point---easy to read is key! Send it to ALL of your customer/client base.You may even subscribe to a newsletter such as  "Housing Notes" as I show above...It is a treasure trove of information, and you CAN send it on to your client base or a customer you are trying to sell.One of the best vehicles to use to keep in touch with your client/customer base is to email them a market report that has just been released. Make sure there is a headline that will grab their attention so that they don't just delete.You can expound on the sales and inventory information as well, in your message or greeting. Keep it short and to the point and make sure you tell them you hope they are prospering!! KEEP UP!Keep your name out there in front of people---anywhere you can and at every opportunity, include your website information.  ...And don't forget the tried and true: Signs, Open Houses, and anything else you have done in the past that works for you in your area! Open houses are good way to get public exposure--do more of them--advertise them and BE THERE!Just remember that every agent right now is fighting over the fewer buyers and walking away from the overpriced listings that sellers are known to insist upon. Other agents ARE becoming expert at SEO (search engine optimization) in their ads and websites. Other agents ARE making You Tube videos and virtual NEED to be there doing that too. If you have not been doing it--start now to learn the ropes. Go for it! WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO LOSE??? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ **ALL INFORMATION AND CONTENT IN THIS BLOG IS ORIGINAL TO PAULA I. HATHAWAY.  The views expressed herein are my personal views and do not reflect the views of Douglas Elliman Real Estate Paula I. Hathaway, Senior Broker Associate, Douglas Elliman Real Estate Southamtpon Village Real Estate Specialist since 1995;  Also Specializes in North Sea, Noyac, Water Mill and Bridgehampton, New York Diamond , Gold and Chairman's Circle Awards; Top Producer since 2005 Click here to see my Hampton's website to see all my listings; please email me or call me for all your real estate needs in Southampton, Bridgehampton and Watermill: MY REAL ESTATE SHOWS:

"DIRECT HUMAN INTERACTION"...The Importance of HUMAN Connection In Real Estate

Tue, 17 Jul 2018 - "DIRECT HUMAN INTERACTION"...The Importance of HUMAN Connection in real estate. Real estate today is a complex profession! In today's marketing of real estate there is a huge void in the actual connection between the buyer or seller with the agent. Names appear on ads, but not before the Companies Logo--And on the Internet it appears, usually after the sites name and then the Company Logo!!Could it be because of the persistence of the big websites to capitalize on an agent's need to get leads?Could it be because of greed and their craving for a piece of the perceived BIG BUCKS in the real estate pie? Could it be by choice on the part of a society gone mad with it's technology?I believe it is of ALL of the above!EVERYBODY WANTS A PIECE OF THE PIE! Because there are vast numbers of people in between the buyer and the seller who are ALL trying to glean revenue from the product, the listing itself, there is a forced major shift in the real estate business.The greater the number of people involved in a transaction between the buyer, seller and agent the greater the distance between all of these individuals!Out of this complexity, trust is replaced by suspicion and a general miss-trust of the agent is enhanced!I know, I know there are always agents faces on the listings and Internet ads for real estate--but more and more they mean less and less to the buyer and seller of real estate. Pretentious ads, giving false impressions and fake listing agents on most listings on the Internet have made the public vary wary. Awareness is now peaked but there are no answers to the dilemma.MAXIMUM HUMAN INTERACTION IS NOW ESSENTIALI took a webinar about two months ago that was so informative it made me re-think the entire process of the way I promote myself. In that webinar, there were suggestions that our very survival is dependent upon creating more interaction with clients and customers and in our business dealings in general.I also have a client who is very aware of the state of real estate--she has seen the back stabbing and dealt with it on a personal level. Her daughter is in the business and has suffered through several unfortunate experiences in the City.This client told me the other day to start using "Trust" in my by-line. She told me that people need to be able to trust again; she feels that I am the most trustworthy agent she has met in the Hamptons.She feels that as a trusted agent I need to get the word out! Isn't that a wonderful thing to hear from your client?  I hear lots of things like that--it is humbling to me when I hear it....It also made me start to think that she has a point. I need to start projecting that which I believe is missing from our industryTHE MISSING LINK IS HUMAN UNDERSTANDINGI read this morning in a column written by someone who does not give their name..(How ironic is that?) This entity is called MEDIUM, at least in his/her column and I found his/her statements to be profound:"One cannot and must not neglect the importance of human interaction. Sadly this generation has lost all of its confidence to speak with others on (a) direct basis. Electronic media and social media especially has made it easier for people to get in touch with others.""Our generation is able to talk to a person far away from them but do not have the ability to talk to anyone face to face. Social media like Facebook and twitter has made it easier for us to constantly follow the person we want to follow and to discuss their private lives without any regard to the feelings of the person involved. Yet we severely lack the ability to talk to each other on a personal basis. We can ‘’Like’’ thousands of posts and comments of a person but don’t have time and courage to actually talk to a person and hear his thoughts and share information." Removing the human connection makes it more and more difficult to give the relationship of human to human a place of trust, especially in this business which deals with and handles a persons largest life-time investment.IT'S TIME TO START FORMULATING A NEW APPROACHI don't know about you, but I have to do something to change the perception that dominates the market place: "Real estate agents are just another hindrance to getting the house I really want" "If I don't look on Zillow first, I am sure to miss out on the newest and best priced houses" "My home is worth so much more than what that agent told me--I need to get a better idea of prices on Zillow" "I don't need an agent to do a real estate deal--information that I need is out there just waiting for me to look it up" All of the above statements have been made to me and to my fellow agents--I have seen website owners make similar claims. All of this without really knowing the truth--it is dangerous and naive to think that someone who has never worked in real estate can do a deal successfully--without the potential of personal loss and  great harm financially.WHAT DO YOU THINK IS A GOOD APPROACH FOR AGENTS TO TAKE?  Please comment below and give a good guess as to what you  think will work: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ **ALL INFORMATION AND CONTENT IN THIS BLOG IS ORIGINAL TO PAULA I. HATHAWAY.  The views expressed herein are my personal views and do not reflect the views of Douglas Elliman Real Estate Paula I. Hathaway, Senior Broker Associate, Douglas Elliman Real Estate Southamtpon Village Real Estate Specialist since 1995;  Also Specializes in North Sea, Noyac, Water Mill and Bridgehampton, New York Diamond , Gold and Chairman's Circle Awards; Top Producer since 2005 Click here to see my Hampton's website to see all my listings; please email me or call me for all your real estate needs in Southampton, Bridgehampton and Watermill: MY REAL ESTATE SHOWS: